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A Peaceful Piece of 2020: 8 Week

Pranayama & Meditation Series

Thursday October 22nd – December 17th (skipping Thanksgiving)

Zoom Meeting ID: 469-424-0711

Password: 894580

6:00 – 7:30 PM

$15 / class or $90 for the series

Recordings available


Are you looking for a way to stay balanced, grounded, calm and grateful throughout the election, flu, and holiday season?   Let’s come together and support each other in doing so!  In this series we will practice pranayama (breathing) and mindfulness meditation techniques to calm the central nervous system, reduce stress, and increase positivity.  


Each session will begin by centering and rooting into the moment through gentle movement, breath-work and mindfulness practices.  Brief discussion, questions and reflections will follow.  The session will conclude with yoga nidra (guided meditation generally done lying down).  Readings and daily practices are provided and suggested, but not required.  Classes can be taken individually or as a series.  


This series is appropriate for those new to meditation, anyone looking to add more discipline to their practice, and those seeking more guidance and support through community. Reach out to with questions!

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