Yoga @ Lake Bluff Brewery

with Wendy Dahl

January 12th from 10 - 11:15 AM!


Join us for a community building event where we will practice yoga, followed by time and space to connect with one another.  Our neighbors, the Lake Bluff Brewing Company, are hosting Blue Sun Yoga for a yoga practice followed by a few brews for those who choose. Price includes yoga class as well as 2 brews or 1 glass of wine. Doors open at 10am, class will run from 10:15 - 11:15.  If you are able, please bring a mat. 

Circle of Hope:

Yoga to Transform Trauma

Facilitated by Patricia Lutz

First Sunday of the Month

2:30 - 4:00pm

Confidential. Donation-based. All are welcome.

Circle of Hope is a very special workshop that marries a peer support group, with a trauma-informed yoga class. It is 100% confidential and donation based. Circle of Hope is a sacred space to walk your healing path. If you, or someone you love are coping with the effects of trauma, please join us.

This 90-minute workshop is faciliated by Yoga to Transform Trauma Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher, Patricia Lutz. Circle of Hope is for anyone directly impacted by trauma, as well as those friends, family members, or others vicariously effected.

The suggested donation is $15. We encourage participants to pay what they can afford, be it less or more.

Yoga to Transform Trauma is a grassroots movement intended to bring healing, resilience, and hope to all who are or have been impacted by trauma.

Mission Statement: To integrate Yoga & Meditation with Trauma Recovery to provide a holistic, cognitive and somatic healing approach for individuals directly impacted by trauma, as well as those that live, love and work with them.

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra Workshop

with Wendy Dahl & Bette Plass

Sunday January 12th

1:00 - 3:00PM


Regain energy and vitality during the winter months by practicing restorative yoga postures that create ease and space in the body, along with practical breathing techniques to calm the central nervous system and ease you into meditation. The workshop will end with Yoga Nidra, often referred to as yogic sleep, where the dance between consciousness and subconsciousness yield complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation. A truly restoring treat!

Yoga for Arthritis:

Learning to Move and Live with Ease

with Maribel Alesna

4 week Series

Coming again this spring!

This 4-week course meets once a week for 90 minutes. Participants will be asked to complete an intake form during registration. The classes will be experiential and educational. Because this program is intended to build lifetime skills, self-efficacy and self-healing, short and simple home practice is an essential component of this program.


Participation is limited to a maximum of 8, minimum of 5.


with Wendy Dahl

December 7th

1:30 - 3:00 PM


(Free for Yogis with memberships or unlimited yoga)

Meditation lies at the heart of yoga.  It has been proven to alleviate stress, ease depression and anxiety, reduce negativity and pain, increase concentration, balance emotions, center our beings and connect with our authentic self. Yoga is a moving meditation. We will explore optimal physical alignment, breathing techniques, guided meditations, as well as some yogic history and philosophy. This class will include a variety of mindfulness techniques pulled from yoga and meditation that can be incorporated into any part of your day.  The session is perfect for anyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, who seek more tools to find balance, presence and peace.

***20% off a class package if purchased the same day!***

Family Yoga Series


Kids ages 2 - 12yrs


Share the benefits of yoga with the children in your life. In our program we will be using a play-based approach that provides accessible tools for relaxation, balance, flexibility, and strength to yogis of all ages. As an adult, if you have experienced such yoga benefits as improved strength and flexibility, sharper concentration, increased non-judgmental body awareness, reduced anxiety, and general comfort in your own skin then come share these vast advantages with the kids in your life. Experience yoga as a family in a fun and playful environment. When practiced routinely, yoga is a lifelong discipline that embraces a holistic and simple healthy lifestyle, independent of screens and technology. Introducing some of these time-tested yogic principles and philosophy at a young age may result in a better quality of life.


Instructor Holly June Aronoff, RYT-200, is a perpetual yoga student and practitioner, RN-BSN, certified Om Slice Kids Yoga teacher and mother of three.



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